Who We Serve

At G76, we exist for one reason and one reason only – to help businesses make more money.

We take pride in being a trusted partner and we are committed to helping businesses thrive.


Make your mark faster

Mid-market Businesses

We understand the pressure you're under to get things done quickly and correctly, and we have the experience and expertise to help you do just that. With our proven track record of success, we can help you take your business to the next level.

after CAAP

Expand Profit Margins

Private Equity Firms

Your firm is in a constant race for results that begins the moment you identify a target to the moment you sell. We help you strategize before the deal and increase your speed to profit after the deal. Optimize the power of your board seat with us.


Increase Speed To Profit

Business Owners

We understand the unique challenges owners face when making decisions. Whether you are ramping up, planning for future generation leadership or wanting to maximize your exit strategy we partner with you to achieve your desired outcome.

What Sets Us Apart


Created specifically for the middle market, we designed our approach to be powerful, yet affordable. Our clients recoup their investment with increased sales and profit results.

Time to Value

We provide your detailed action plans within 7-10 days of engagement.

Team of Experts

We combine theory, pragmatic experience from our team of experts, and data analytics to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage to our clients.

Sustainable Results

Our subscription service allows you to continually get the insights to increase sales and profit and apply the learned approach to higher margins, creating a more successful business long-term.

G76 far exceeded our wildest hopes.

Their recommendations increased our profits almost immediately. And even more impressive is their strategic and operational expertise and advice that they incorporate into their core offering. They are the catalysts to transforming our business and taking us to the next level of performance and beyond. HIRE THESE GUYS!!!
Owner, Wholesale and Distribution Company

G76 helped us avoid a costly mistake!

We use G76 to help our portfolio companies boost their profits quickly and love the results. When they mentioned they could help us evaluate potential deals before we buy- we gave it a try. I had them take a look at a deal we were initially excited about, and man was I happy we did! After seeing their algorithm output, analysis and what that would mean for us financially- we passed on the deal and dodged a bullet! G76 makes it super easy for us to get this powerful tool and not burden our in-house team or have to add to staff.

Managing Partner, Private Equity

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Contact us today to receive a complimentary review with your company’s actual numbers.

We will show you the G76.AI platform with your company’s data so you can see the impact and decide for yourself. No obligations. No gimmicks. We let the results speak for themselves.