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Case Study

Results for a $57mm Food Distributor

Leadership at a $57MM food distributor didn’t know they were underperforming. They thought “this has always been and always will be a low-margin business. It stopped being fun a long time ago.” Pre-engagement EBITDA was $850k or 1.49%.

Working together, we immediately stopped money-losing activities thanks to a better command of the data. Identify underlying behaviors, practices, and policies. Address them. Do more things right. Extend money-making activities by knowing which baskets of customers and products are profitable. Apply data analytics to pricing strategies, customer purchasing patterns, and predictive capabilities to reduce customer churn.

Results so far are promising. $250k incremental profit was realized in the first 90 days. Post-engagement, profit is up 400% now to $3.75m EBITDA (5.86 percent).


Profit Improvement


Incremental Profit
Within 90 Days

Case Study

Results for a $85mm Home Remodeler

An $85MM Home Remodeler had a $4MM loss in 2021. They believed they knew where the opportunities were for profit, and had already raised prices. However, they didn’t realize that 30% of their jobs were actually losing money.

The first step the remodeler took was to do fewer things wrong. This meant not accepting any jobs that would produce less than $5,000 in gross profit. The next step was to understand the root causes of the adverse outliers. They did this by analyzing and correlating jobs by profitability and zip code. They also compared profitability by geography and remodeling teams. The third step was to do more things right. This involved analyzing their cost allocation methodology to more accurately reflect the costs of delivering services. Finally, they applied management frameworks to rationalize their staffing model and align their operating structure with the company’s strategy and value proposition.

As a result of these actions, they were able to achieve profitability in 2022 and are projected to see $10MM+ in profit in that year.

Before  G76


After  G76


2022 Projected Profit

Case Study

$125MM Tile and Countertop Distributor

Sales had been stagnant and declining with existing customers over the past three years and the sales reps were having a hard time breaking into new customers. This company had 4000+ SKUs and did not have a good handle on segmentation and buying habits of their customers. We put them on Sam, the G76.AI Sales Analyst as a Service SAaaS Platform, and started to get some answers and real actionable insights on growing their existing customer revenue.

G76.AI analyzed their existing customers’ data and was able to show them:

  • What their customers aren’t buying but should
  • How many and how much they should be buying
  • When they should be buying each product
  • Why customers aren’t buying what they should
  • Customers churned or are at risk of churning
  • Flight risk customers

With the specific, actionable insights identified and executed quickly, this company was able to sell more products to existing customers, retain and expand more customers, and grow their existing customer revenue by 47% year over year.


Existing customer revenue growth Y-O-Y

Case Study

Results for a $380MM Food Manufacturer

A food manufacturer with over 200 products for one segment approached us for help. This segment was their fastest-growing, but one product drove 60% of their profit.

We helped them do fewer things wrong by understanding gross profit per unit and setting sales volume and gross profit per unit thresholds. Then we looked at the root causes of adverse outliers and helped them understand what the customer’s customer needed and wanted. We helped them do more things right by producing and distributing profitable products that satisfied the needs and wants of the market.

As a result, we were able to reduce their SKU count by 50% while freeing up 500 pallet positions in warehouses. This improved profit for this segment by 20%.


Profit Improvement with clear sales messaging


Pallet positions freed in warehouses

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Profit Improvements


Profit Improvement


Increase on existing customer revenue

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