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Sales Analyst as a Service (SAaaS) Platform

You don’t need a Sales Analyst as an Employee, you need Sam.

Our Solution

Sam is a unique and pioneering platform that helps mid-market companies organically grow sales from their existing customer base. It combines the frameworks and strategies of elite advisory and consulting firms with practical and pragmatic realities learned from hard-won experience, and supercharges the result with artificial intelligence, acting as a force multiplier to find cross-selling opportunities increasing sales by 30%+.

It is not a pie-in-the-sky theory or another version of “sell more” mantras delivered by flustered sales leaders. In short, Sam delivers specific, actionable customer insights based on the customer’s actual purchasing behavior. These insights result in sales leaders and salespeople knowing:

  • Which customers have the highest risk of churn and the greatest sales growth potential.
  • Which items a customer ISN’T purchasing but should be.
  • When a customer SHOULD be purchasing those items.
  • The QUANTITY of the items the customer should be purchasing.

Growing sales is always a top three priority for companies. Sam is the most cost effective and efficient way for mid-market companies to access the sales growth tools, capabilities, insights, and business intelligence that most Fortune 500 and global companies enjoy in an intuitive and easy to deploy manner.

Sam’s insights are not identifiable by using spreadsheets, dashboards, financial statements, or business intelligence applications. They can only be found by launching Sam or spending many hundreds of thousands of dollars on overly complex ERPs, CRMs, or any other three letter acronym technology that over promises and under delivers (not to mention the pain of implementation, integration, training, and costly consultants).

Sam is simple, affordable, and effective.

Fix the Problem of Ignoring Your Current Customers

Mid-market companies spend a great deal of money trying to grow their business. While it varies by industry, research indicates that companies spend between 6 – 28% of revenue on sales and marketing efforts. Yet less than 60% of companies meet their revenue growth targets.

A key contributor to the sales growth gap is that 80% or so of the sales and marketing spend is on acquiring new customers (sales hunting) and “spray and pray” marketing efforts – largely enabled by CRMs and SEO/SMO marketing. That leaves only 20 percent of the sales and marketing spend to focus on your existing customer base (sales farming and harvesting).

Existing customers already accept your company’s value proposition(s) and are at least 10 times more likely to purchase additional products than prospective customers. Therefore, growth from harvesting your existing customers should be a top priority for a mid-market company. Sam provides companies with the insights and sales intelligence necessary to optimize the return on sales efforts.

You don’t need to hire an Ivy League Sales Analyst; you just need Sam.

Case Study

$125MM Tile and Countertop Distributor

Sales had been stagnant and declining with existing customers over the past three years and the sales reps were having a hard time breaking into new customers. This company had 4000+ SKUs and did not have a good handle on segmentation and buying habits of their customers. We put them on Sam, the G76.AI Sales Analyst as a Service SAaaS Platform, and started to get some answers and real actionable insights on growing their existing customer revenue.

G76.AI analyzed their existing customers’ data and was able to show them:

  • What their customers aren’t buying but should
  • How many and how much they should be buying
  • When they should be buying each product
  • Why customers aren’t buying what they should
  • Customers churned or are at risk of churning
  • Flight risk customers

With the specific, actionable insights identified and executed quickly, this company was able to sell more products to existing customers, retain and expand more customers, and grow their existing customer revenue by 47% year over year.


Existing customer revenue growth Y-O-Y

What Sets Us Apart


Created specifically for the middle market, we designed our approach to be powerful, yet affordable. Our clients recoup their investment with increased sales and profit results.

Time to Value

We provide your detailed action plans within 7-10 days of engagement.

Team of Experts

We combine theory, pragmatic experience from our team of experts, and data analytics to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage to our clients.

Sustainable Results

Our subscription service allows you to continually get the insights to increase sales and profit and apply the learned approach to higher margins, creating a more successful business long-term.
We've HelpedOur Clients Achieve


Profit Improvements


Profit Improvement


Increase on existing customer revenue

Case Study

Results for a $57mm Food Distributor

Leadership at a $57MM food distributor didn’t know they were underperforming. They thought “this has always been and always will be a low-margin business. It stopped being fun a long time ago.” Pre-engagement EBITDA was $850k or 1.49%.

Working together, we immediately stopped money-losing activities thanks to a better command of the data. Identify underlying behaviors, practices, and policies. Address them. Do more things right. Extend money-making activities by knowing which baskets of customers and products are profitable. Apply data analytics to pricing strategies, customer purchasing patterns, and predictive capabilities to reduce customer churn.

Results so far are promising. $250k incremental profit was realized in the first 90 days. Post-engagement, profit is up 400% now to $3.75m EBITDA (5.86 percent).


Profit Improvement


Incremental Profit
Within 90 Days

G76 far exceeded our wildest hopes.

Their recommendations increased our profits almost immediately. And even more impressive is their strategic and operational expertise and advice that they incorporate into their core offering. They are the catalysts to transforming our business and taking us to the next level of performance and beyond. HIRE THESE GUYS!!!
Owner, Wholesale and Distribution Company

G76 helped us avoid a costly mistake!

We use G76 to help our portfolio companies boost their profits quickly and love the results. When they mentioned they could help us evaluate potential deals before we buy- we gave it a try. I had them take a look at a deal we were initially excited about, and man was I happy we did! After seeing their algorithm output, analysis and what that would mean for us financially- we passed on the deal and dodged a bullet! G76 makes it super easy for us to get this powerful tool and not burden our in-house team or have to add to staff.

Managing Partner, Private Equity

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